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  1. Situation: Laptop with pictures which I want to be synced to a NAS.for example. Inside "Pix_2015" folder I have folders "2015-01-01__PicturesOfCats"Once my laptop starts to get full I want to delete the folder and make a new folder "2015-06-27__manyMoreCats" for example. But I do NOT EVER want any pictures deleted on the NAS-- I want it to continue to have all the cat pictures. LAPTOP: sync directory "Pix_2015" Pix_2015 2015-01-01__PicturesOfCats 2015-06-27__manyMoreCats NAS: Pix_2015 2014-12-01__olderPicturesOfKittens 2015-01-01__PicturesOfCats 2015-06-27__manyMoreCats issue1: