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  1. Situation: Laptop with pictures which I want to be synced to a NAS.for example. Inside "Pix_2015" folder I have folders "2015-01-01__PicturesOfCats"Once my laptop starts to get full I want to delete the folder and make a new folder "2015-06-27__manyMoreCats" for example. But I do NOT EVER want any pictures deleted on the NAS-- I want it to continue to have all the cat pictures. LAPTOP: sync directory "Pix_2015" Pix_2015 2015-01-01__PicturesOfCats 2015-06-27__manyMoreCats NAS: Pix_2015 2014-12-01__olderPicturesOfKittens 2015-01-01__PicturesOfCats 2015-06-27__manyMoreCats issue1: when I delete pictures/directories on the laptop they delete on the NASissue2: when I add pictures/directories to the laptop I want them added to the NAS Initially I had NAS and Laptop setup in "my_devices". then there is NO POSSIBLE WAY to make a folder not fully sync both ways. Leading to issue1. Support said: A) remove identity from NAS create read only folder on NAS and share this with laptop. This does not work as new folders & files will not sync. Thus, issue2. I'm gleaning some people are able to do this somehow by setting up the classic folders... Can someone tell me how to do this? So the feature I want is: Designate folder as a MASTER no-delete folder. Or enable the "backup" feature for phones for any device.