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  1. the new version with sync api can be run with no gui and a web interface . maybe it can be used to run it as a service with the workaround and configured with webinterface dont understand if it can be done without an api key...
  2. it is not static but it is not possible that 5 gb of data where deleted since btsync installed before syncing it was 9gb --------------update----------------- i found the problem.... a (windows) directory symbolic link (mklink /D) is there a way to avoid sync to follow symbolic links?
  3. I'm experiencing this strange behavior: primary pc: 1 folder shared in readonly folder size (windows):9.13GB folder size(btsync): 15.18 secondary pc subscribed to primary shared folder folder size (windows):15.18 GB folder size(btsync): 15.18 GB
  4. will be ever be available sync app for qnap armv7 nas?
  5. It would be great if it were possible to install btsync as a service on windows