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  1. Thanks for the reply. There's a window after the eventual last release during which you can still run the client with relatively little hassle but eventually the client will be obsolete and getting it to run on modern OS/equipment at that point will be a major headache. It's not a huge deal because the user will obviously be able to foresee this and have plenty of time to take action but still... would be neat if I could just save the key and decrypt a file outside the client. Not a deal breaker though.
  2. I want to set up Sync and get on a paid plan so I can use the encrypted folders as a way to have a secure remote store for some of my files. However, I don't want to rely on the existence of whatever entity is behind Sync, and it's not immediately clear to me whether I'd be able to decrypt the remote files once Sync has died and there's no longer a working client available. So, anyone know if (and how) decrypting without the Sync client is possible?
  3. Thank you for the reply. Yes, they're identical. It got to a point where I thought "enough of this" and just deleted everything and started fresh without any 1.4 folders (sigh). Entirely possible the whole thing was an user error since I have not had the patience to learn all the nuances of dealing with the different folder types. For future reference, you know what happens if I shutdown Sync and force the timestamps on each end to the same arbitrary time?
  4. I've got a folder that already has all the data that all the other devices have, but btsync insists on re-downloading everything instead of just using the data I already have. Suggestions?