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  1. RESOLVED. After contacting support, I followed their advice and manually activated/installed the licence on the 2nd desktop in the same way I did on the first one. That solved the problem.
  2. My purchased Pro licence is not being applied to all my devices. Details: I am using Sync version 2.0.128 (36) on 2 Ubuntu Linux desktops, and version of the app on an Android phone. All are using the same Sync Identity. I have bought the Pro licence and activated/applied/installed it on one of the desktops. This device now shows the licence is installed. But my second desktop has not had the licence automatically applied as the documentation says it will - the 'upgrade to Pro' link is still there. This is despite syncing taking place for the last 90 minutes between the 2 desktops (in case you wonder if both devices are online). What do I do to resolve this problem? p.s. How do I even see if the mobile phone app has the 'pro' licence?