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  1. @med44 - In the absence of any further ideas from the experts here, I followed your tip and did manage to create a working link from the 1.4 across to the 2.0 machines. I had to manually transfer the files to the 1.4 XP machine first. A bit fiddly but we got there... hopefully the devs might note that it doesn't seem to work the other way.
  2. I have installed 1.4.111 on the XP machine and sending a key by copy/paste from one of the Win7 machines; but still getting the error message "Please enter a valid key". The key is definitely the one generated on the Win7 machine. Any ideas will be much appreciated!
  3. Ah! Thank you so much for that hint! I have found the installer for 1.4.111 and will install it on Monday when I am back at the location where my XP machine is located. Hopefully this will help solve the problem. Once I have installed 1.4.111, what steps should I take to restore the link on the XP machine to the two running 2.1 on Win 7 machines? Do I simply copy the key from one of the Win 7 machines into the key field in the dialog of the 1.4 install? (That is where I was getting the error message in 1.3 though... it was telling me that they 'secret' I was copying from the 'key' in 2.1 wasn't valid... I was emailing the key to myself and then trying to copy/paste it into the 'secret' field in the dialog... or can't you copy and paste and you have to type it out character by character? Ideally I would just like to restore the relationship between the existing single folder and its contents / subfolders... without having to have all the contents come across the network afresh... but if I need to let that happen, it's not a big deal of course.
  4. I have just one folder shared across a laptop and two desktop machines. Two machines are running Windows 7 and I am therefore running BT Sync 2.1; but the third machine needs to keep running Windows XP for the time being (long story!) and so I have BT Sync 1.3 on that. All was running fine, the two Win 7 machines upgraded to 2.0 when it came out and all continued without incident. Yesterday I had to reformat and fully reinstall on one of the Win 7 machines. I 'fiddled' with BT Sync without fully understanding what I was doing but eventually managed to get the two Win 7 machines talking to each other and syncing fine. However, I now seem to have broken the link between both of those and the third Win XP machine. Ver 2.1 on the Win 7 machines seems to have a 'key' which is different from the 'secret' in the Ver 1.3 install on Win XP... and when I try to copy the secret / key between the two machines, each says the code from the other is invalid. Any help welcomed here, please