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  1. Yeah, I uncheck that every time I do a new installation or update. Doesn't seem make any difference, but it's a non-issue at this point. I've found other ways for my non-administrative users to deal with it. Thanks!
  2. For a local solution to this I wrote an AutoIt3 script. The only issue it addresses is ensuring that my "authoritative" IgnoreList is duplicated to all my local Sync folders. Gives me a splash text telling me what share is missing, and waits till I have resolved that before launching Sync. I thought maybe someone else might be able to use it till there's a native Sync solution, so here it is. #include <Array.au3>; The 0-index element of the array contains the path to BTSync.exeLocal $paths[] = [@AppDataDir&"\BitTorrent Sync\BTSync.exe"]; The 1-index element of the array contain
  3. Thanks everyone! The problem seems to have been that I did not restart Sync after modifying IgnoreList Now I see that is mentioned in the last sentence on the help document.
  4. Apparently I can't follow instructions in because I can't make this work. I have a folder called ".git" that I do not want Sync to monitor. I tried adding the following lines to ...\.sync\IgnoreList but it still keeps syncing the ".git" folder and everything in it. # Git generated files # .git .git\* *\.git Can someone point out what i'm doing wrong? Thanks!
  5. I set up Sync on computers in 3 different locations and synced about a terabyte of files over the course of this week. It's been so refreshing to see all my stuff in one place no matter what machine I happen to be at. Then I did something that seems obviously stupid in retrospect. I felt that things were getting a little cluttered, and decided I'd do a bit of organizing. So, I did what I normally do; Create a folder and move a bunch of stuff into it. Thankfully, I can still find things in the archives on my other machines, but with all those duplicated files one of them ran out of free s
  6. I am requesting an option to disable the automatic firewall configuration for Sync. I have BitTorrent Sync 2.1.1 installed on several Win 8.1 x64 desktops. The application is installed in accounts that belong to standard users and do not have administrative privileges. Each time one of those users launches Sync, they get a UAC prompt that Sync would like to add an exemption to the Windows firewall. If they click on "Cancel" then Windows explicitly blocks Sync from any and all network traffic. (Without an admin password, cancel is the only option they can choose) To work around this, I’ve co