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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies.


    It seems to me like it's a bug as well.  I haven't produced any logs yet because it's been a crazy busy day for us today with the release of Windows 10 and all but I do have some screenshots and some additional ideas/information.


    First to address the useability - it's totally useable I'm just an idiot and moved too fast :)  I was creating the link using the share button, selecting Read & Write and then copying the link as shown in the screenshot below:  (Yes, I realize the screenshot shows Owner ;)




    Since I was remoted into the other PC on my other monitor I was just quickly going back and forth and pasting the URLs into the run box replacing the https: with btsync:.  I then proceeded to add the other remaining folders but since I was going back and forth so quickly I wasn't paying attention and didn't realize the other folders were on Read Only until I started to investigate why the icon looked strange on the folders in the new BTSync client.  That was when I realized they were read only.


    I then removed all of the folders (since I did it so quickly, why not) and proceeded to copy the links again this time with the correct permissions.  I tried both Owner and Read & Write variants but no matter what it was stuck with Read Only.  When one of the posters mentioned changing it from the Owner's side I looked at the peer list and found this:




    Since I'm not using Pro I can't change the permissions remotely (as expected), but I also can't make it "forget" the peer... so I assume this means that no matter what link I take to the other PC it just "remembers" it's permission level and keeps it the same.


    Which makes me wonder, is there anyway for me to manually force it to forget a peer so I can re-add it again with the correct permissions?


    --  Justin

  2. Thanks for the response.


    To answer your questions, they are 2.0 folders however I cannot change the permission from the folder owner as you suggested as that is a feature limited to the Pro edition of which I am not using.


    I will work on getting those log files over to you later in the day.


    -- Justin

  3. Hi All,


    I'm having a problem changing a share permission on a couple of folders.


    I was generating share links for a few folders and adding them on another PC.  Half way though I realized that only the first link I had generated was a Read/Write, the others were Read Only.  My bad!


    So I went ahead and removed all of those folders I had just added and proceeded to generate new links this time with the correct permissions.  Unfortunately. every time I add them they just get the same old permissions they used to have.


    Is there something I need to do in order to clear out knowledge of the previous key it obtained so it will re-capture the correct key from the folder owner that I am getting the share links from?  Any help is greatly appreciated!


    Running Sync 2.1.1