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  1. Works on: Synology DiskStation DS 418play QNAP TS-231P
  2. @RSYNCCN You might be able to try something like ProxyCap.
  3. Or even allow us to host our own tracker server in China. (Do you think if we banded together and formed a company in China, they'll let us use Resilio Connect's custom tracker server feature? )
  4. @SirKronosI'm not 100% certain how Finder detects and displays custom folder icons, (except for the Icon? file that appears in the folder directory), but you can try and whitelist this file in the .sync/IgnoreList or .sync/StreamsList if you're up to experimenting with it...
  5. I suspect they'll advise us to use the predefined host option. I think they reserved the custom tracker server feature to enterprise users (Resilio Connect). I'm not sure how much of the original torrent code base or protocol they have changed, but a possible idea that may work (I haven't found the time to try yet) is to host a normal torrent tracker or something and then edit the hosts file of your computer to point the tracker that Resilio sync uses to your tracker? To the moderators, I apologise in advance if this is against some terms and conditions of this forum, I'll edit this
  6. The main issue is that if you are trying to sync your active user directory, sync also creates log files in their %APPDATA% or ~Library/Application Support folder. This can create an endless syncing loop. My personal advice to you is that you can set the .sync/IgnoreList to ignore this directory and other more active temporary files as most users are more concerned with not loosing the work they recently worked on and was not of the mind to make multiple backups rather than some configuration or customisation setting file. If they were tech savvy enough, you can use a specific whitel