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  1. So this will do the trick? * Running a linked server instance on serverA with some shared folders * Move config + .sync to serverB * Create (empty) shared folders at serverB at the same location like on serverA * Disable serverA and enable serverB No new identity linking of serverB is required. It will automatically be part of the sync swarm.
  2. Hey, I have setup btsync 2.0 on an Ubuntu server. I want to move my btsync installation to another server. Which files do I need to transfer (except my data), so I do not have to relink the new server to my identity? I would like to "clone" to btsync instance to the other server without linking it to my identity!
  3. Is maybe the storage_path content defining the identity link? So if I copy everything in storage_path to a new host, it will be linked automatically?
  4. I checked out the docu. I now know how to configure sync with a config file. Setting a synced folder with a secret key is only possible with old 1.4 folders not with 2.0 instances. I do not want to use 1.4 folders. So after setting up sync 2.0 on the server I have to manually link the new server to my identity, so it can sync my folders. I want to setup the server via command line and automatically link it to my identity without accessing via the web gui and linking. Which files do I have to copy from the old server to the new server to make it have the same identity?
  5. Hey, I want to setup a vserver with btsync 2.0 automatically with a script and no running btsync webinterface. How does the btsync config file have to look like and how can I automatically link a shared folder to this btsync instance without manually linking it in the webinterface?
  6. I use Sync 2.0 on my laptop. I want to run a headless Sync 2.0 server instance on my ubuntu vserver. Therefore I created a configuration file for my btsync instance in /etc/btsync/instance.conf. In instance.conf I can define all the shared_folders. To sync them with my laptop I have to set a secret for each directory to sync. How can I find out the secret key for this configuration parameter in the Sync 2.0 App for Mac? I can only get a weblink or an QR-Code. That does not work as a secret parameter. Any tipps?