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  1. Back to 1.4 now and will live with the upgrade popups until I find an alternative.
  2. You are right: UI is unresponsive on my backup machine even after pausing as it runs off and then gets busy indexing so the UI or UI thread gets starved. You would think when you pause it would pause indexing also - what is the point of indexing when u no longer wish to sync or else offer a pause indexing option as well GEEZ...! How can I turn off Indexing to make the UI usable to fix this for 9 Folders!? Anyone!? You got to Disconnect the Indexing Folder and although it still says it is Indexing (why am I not very surprised?) the UI does however indeed become more responsive thereafter but only until it starts Indexing the newly Reconnected Folders. If you guys want further advice (PAID and starting with a Lifetime FREE Subscription) on how to fix your architectural design flaws that severely impact upon usability then feel free to contact me as soon after I get this working again I will start looking at alternatives preferably FOSS ones..
  3. It came back after a pause: must require a machine key registration on a BitTorrent Registration/Exchange Server first.. (now need to resolve the new SubFolder.Conflicts I didn't get before...)
  4. Same here: after an SSD upgrade rebuild and whittling my new Sync 1.4 Folders arrangement down to just 10 I decided to try an upgrade to 2 in part as I got tired of the continual "do you wanna upgrade to 2" popups. Guess I will wait 2-3 days before rolling back to 1.4 again...