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  1. Ah, I found it in %appdata%! I must have just not been adding any desktop of start menu icons, and also failing to start automatically. Thanks for your help. Maybe you can answer one other question I have: I set Sync to start when I start my computer, however every time it starts it asks for an administrator password. Is there a way to prevent that?
  2. I just tried and it opened the install dialog. When I clicked "install" it closed without installing, and now when I re-open the installer it just exits immediately. I am running BitDefender and Zemana Anti-malware if that makes any difference. Otherwise it's a relatively new install of Windows 10 Pro, originally installed from the insider preview edition (all updates are currently installed from Microsoft).
  3. I downloaded BitTorrent-Sync_x64.exe v2.1.1.65 and tried to run it; my cursor shows progress momentarily and then the program quits without launching the installer. Is Windows 10 supported? Update: I occasionally can get the "install" dialog to come up. I use the defaults and click "install" and it closes the dialog and exits without installing anything -- no items on the desktop, nothing in Program Files. Inexplicably *one time* it actually launched BitTorrent Sync and it ran perfectly until I exited; now I still can't find the program files, and there is no listing under Programs and Features in Control Panel. Pretty confused here.