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  1. Would love this feature as well. Would be perfect for safe backup.
  2. Ok, I couldn't wait and I updated my BT Sync onto my Drobo NAS to the 2.1.1 instead of waiting the push update from Drobo themselves. Unfortunately it messed up my settings and I had to start from scratch. It was a pain but I'm finally done and happy to report that my problem has been resolved. The update was able to get rid of my bug and now I can sync back and forth between my computers and the NAS. every changes made on the NAS is brought back on the computers and vice & versa. I've got another problem with a duplicated device since the new install, but I read in another post that the team should bring a way to remove devices remotely in the future. Best.
  3. I've got the same problem with one of my device (iPhone) that got duplicated when I added it to My Devices. I guess I just have to wait until an update is sent through.
  4. Hey everybody, I'm a new user that discovered Sync few month ago and finally decided to try it when the app became available for my NAS (Drobo 5N). I have a Drobo 5N NAS and 2 computers (iMac and Macbook). I added folders from the NAS and connected them to the computers and also added folders from the computers and synced them with the NAS. When I add a file in the synced folders from the computers, the files is synced onto the NAS and the other computer, no problem. When I add a file into the folder, but this time from the NAS, it does not sync to the computers. At all. The same is true with the connected folders from the NAS. When I add a file into a connected folder from one of the computers it is synced to the NAS, but when I add a file into this folder from the NAS it does not sync to the computers. Some folders are extremely big (containing TB of data, from the NAS) some very small (few MB, usually from the computers). I'm running the last version of sync on the computers (2.1.1), on the NAS the version installed is the 2.0.128 (36). The initial sync/indexing, works is perfectly ok, it is afterward that the problems begin.