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  1. Would love this feature as well. Would be perfect for safe backup.
  2. Ok, I couldn't wait and I updated my BT Sync onto my Drobo NAS to the 2.1.1 instead of waiting the push update from Drobo themselves. Unfortunately it messed up my settings and I had to start from scratch. It was a pain but I'm finally done and happy to report that my problem has been resolved. The update was able to get rid of my bug and now I can sync back and forth between my computers and the NAS. every changes made on the NAS is brought back on the computers and vice & versa. I've got another problem with a duplicated device since the new install, but I read in another post that t
  3. I've got the same problem with one of my device (iPhone) that got duplicated when I added it to My Devices. I guess I just have to wait until an update is sent through.
  4. Hey everybody, I'm a new user that discovered Sync few month ago and finally decided to try it when the app became available for my NAS (Drobo 5N). I have a Drobo 5N NAS and 2 computers (iMac and Macbook). I added folders from the NAS and connected them to the computers and also added folders from the computers and synced them with the NAS. When I add a file in the synced folders from the computers, the files is synced onto the NAS and the other computer, no problem. When I add a file into the folder, but this time from the NAS, it does not sync to the computers. At all. The same is tr