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  1. is it posible on free version to make using permisions 1 pc can write read files from folder but so i could not delete files from pc who has owner permision i could delete files from my own pc folder but leave files on diferent pc on pro owner and read/write worked like they should owner delete file and it deletes on every synced pc read write delete only on his own pc not owner but now that im on free it doesnt work for some reason windows 2.2.1 version
  2. history is a nice thought but we sync several torrent download folders so a lot of stuff is hapening in hystory like new files added deleted and so on its kinda hard if you want to find if something was added to 1-2specific folders and its subfolders
  3. Is there a way on desktop windows version 2.1.3 to see if there is new files aded to the folders without opening folders and checking one by one yourself? with sync all i can see on size collum the diference in size so that way i know if new files been downloaded but with sync all off cant find an easy way