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  1. @Gane O'dwyer It's /home/pi/.config (pi being the user who runs resilio sync). I just checked and saw that I've used a config file with storage_path being set to /home/pi/.config/resilio-sync/storage (It's been a while since I've set this up). How do I best proceed from here? Copy the folder to the USB drive and then change the config file?
  2. Hello! I've been running Resilio Sync for a while and am quite happy with it. I use a raspberry pi as my "server node". Today, I encountered the issue that I was out of disk space and discovered that the .config folder is a whopping 8.9GB large. I would either need a way to identify files that can safely be deleted from that folder, or a way to move the folder to the usb drive I use to store the sync folders. Can someone help me out?
  3. It works now - I think the issue was my default folder location (as that was the only thing I changed). It wasn't set to the one I wanted and I assume Sync didn't have the proper permissions for that folder.
  4. Hello, I already have Sync running on my laptop&pc under windows, and another instance on my Raspberry Pi. I recently added Ubuntu as a dualboot to my laptop and wanted to set up bittorrent sync there as well. The program itself runs fine, however, I cannot link it as a device to my identity. When I enter the connection key, I get to choose the folder to link to, but once I've chosen that, the window to enter the key it still open and it says "Please enter valid key". I've tried sharing one of my folders instead, and that works normally, it just seems the device linking doesn't w
  5. Got it working now, thank you. Applying the license via terminal worked.
  6. Didn't see an edit button, so a new post instead...I also tried opening the license file and pasting the contents into manual connection. It does accept it without any warnings, but nothing seems to happen either, the window just closes after clicking "next" with no apparent change.
  7. But I can't link another device until I have the pro version and I can't unlock pro without linking the identity, right? Or if not, how do I do that? Copying the license into manual connection doesn't work...
  8. Hi, I have a setup with BTSync on a laptop, a pc, and a Raspberry Pi to act as a server. I recently noticed it stopped working (not sure why - I actually think it might have just been on pause accidentally, it was pretty late...) Anyway, I had set this up before I had Pro and you could easily link devices under one identity. So I used it as an opportunity to do just that, and the sync between the pc and laptop works just fine. However, I can't get my Raspberry Pi to link. If I unlink the device over the WebGUI, I get the normal prompt to create an identity, but no option to link an identity
  9. You can change the default folder before setting up each sync. Set it to [someDir]\ComputerA, then set up the sync with the SiteFiles folder of Computer A. This should give the the synced folder under [someDir]\ComputerA\SiteFiles with the three subfolders. Then you can change the default folder to [someDir]\ComputerB, sync computer B and so on. The folder location of already synced folders doesn't change if you switch the default folder. Sync just appends the name of the folder you sync to the current default folder If you for whatever reason don't want to have the same name of the folder