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  1. @Gane O'dwyer It's /home/pi/.config (pi being the user who runs resilio sync). I just checked and saw that I've used a config file with storage_path being set to /home/pi/.config/resilio-sync/storage (It's been a while since I've set this up). How do I best proceed from here? Copy the folder to the USB drive and then change the config file?
  2. Hello! I've been running Resilio Sync for a while and am quite happy with it. I use a raspberry pi as my "server node". Today, I encountered the issue that I was out of disk space and discovered that the .config folder is a whopping 8.9GB large. I would either need a way to identify files that can safely be deleted from that folder, or a way to move the folder to the usb drive I use to store the sync folders. Can someone help me out?