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  1. Woah, that's really interesting news. Will there continue to be a free version of Sync? I see that your website has a product called Connect now (https://getsync.com/connect/); I hope it will exist alongside Sync, and not replace it. Sync really is a great product and I've been recommending it to my users. Good luck with the new company!
  2. Figured it out: Needed to make the registry change listed here, due to the Samba Domain. BTSync still acted weird, but after restarting it, it had created my credentials.
  3. Ah, I've found part of the problem: [2015-09-04 13:01:09] CRYPTO: PrivateKey: Failed to create container for keys, error - 0x80090345 Anyone know anything about this? I'm on a Windows 10 64-bit computer that's connected to an NT4-style Samba domain. I know the domain thing is old, but it's what we've got.
  4. I'm running into the same problem that "Create identity" doesn't work. I've done a new install to link to an existing folder on another machine. I use separate identities to give myself more control with sharing, similar to 1.4-style configuration. On this computer, which is a Windows 10 64-bit install connected to an old NT4-style Samba domain, when it asks me to create an identity, the "Create identity" button clicks once, but then does nothing. Any ideas?