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  1. From article: Linux: xattr names MUST start with namespace (.used, .system, etc.) and cannot store more data than 1 filesystem block (usually 4Kb)‚Äč I Use KDE, and KDE (tags) attributes begins normally with user. Here is an example: :~/Downloads$ getfattr -d KG1.pdf # file: KG1.pdf user.baloo.rating="10" user.xdg.comment="LLALALALA" user.xdg.origin.url="" user.xdg.referrer.url="" user.xdg.tags="VASILIJ" Seems KDE tagging and btsync are not compatible...Is it very difficult too add support for user attributes?Or whats is a problem to support all attributes?
  2. I have here now 2.0.0-2. Something moved in this story? For me is btsync unusable without syncing Extended Attributes because I tag my files and Folders ((