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  1. Dear Developers, Suppose I have created several folders, e.g. "folder01, folder02, folder03", for sync and I have just added some files to "folder02", resilio may not be scheduled to sync these new files IMMEDIATELY, so I wonder if there is a menu item to force resilio to jump to sync "folder02" immediately? After completing "folder02" sync, resilio then go back to its previously scheduled sync folder. Is this possible? Any comments from the developers are welcomed!
  2. Still cannot make things done In Synology NAS, I created the sync folder "_test_BTSync" for testing purpose -> I move the mouse pointer to it, and click "share" -> then on the pop-up window, I click on "copy" and tried to copy the sync Key -> but only a share link, and NOT the sync key that I want, is displayed (pls. see the below screen capture) http://yogajm.com/_tmpForum/BTSync/Only_Share-link.jpg -> so where to get the "sync key"? Thanks for any kind of help!
  3. Dear all, Is it possible to sync a folder in my phone, e.g. "whatsapp", to a folder, e.g. "Whatsapp_Note8", in my Synology NAS DS210j? -> If yes, how to do? I have installed the corresponding BTSync version in my DS210j and in my phone (Actually Samsung Note8) -> they both seem working properly, but not the way that I want! -> Everytime, I want to add a folder in Note8, it asks me scan a BR Code, and not the folder that I want to be synchronized to DS210j -> I find no ways to achieve what I want! Can someone give me a hand? Thanks for any kind of help!