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  1. I have noticed that the Resilio sync (home pro) does not handle deleted files between Android and Windows very well. I want to see if someone else has experienced the same thing and if it is by design, or if it is just a bug, and if so how to fix it. Conditions: I have a normal folder that is synced between a Windows 10 (1709) device and an Android 7.0 device. Android app version 2.5.9, Windows app version 2.5.12. The folder is stored on an SD card on the Android device. Both the Windows PC and the Android phone has read and write permissions. Not using selective sync. If I delete a file on my Windows device, it will delete on both Android and Windows. As it should. However, if I delete a file on the Android device using any file explorer/gallery/whatever app that isn't the Resilio Sync app, the file will be removed from the Android device ONLY, and remain on the Windows device as nothing has changed, even though I deleted the file on my Android device. However if I delete the file from the Resilio Sync app on Android, it will be removed from all devices just fine. When I check the folder in the Resilio Sync app, the app lists the file as synced, even though it is deleted. It's like Resilio Sync on Android does not detect that the file has been deleted. Is this a problem with Resilio Sync not indexing files that have been deleted outside the Sync app properly on Android?
  2. When are you planning to release a new version that requires another license? Or should i ask it like this: for how long can we expect support/updates for the 2.x release?
  3. Wait wait wait, did I understand this correctly if I get a lifetime license for 40 dollars? Yes this is a serious question, I just want to make sure before I make a purchase. If this is the case, that's super awesome and I'm very happy. 40 dollars for a year was a bit pricy, but for a lifetime license? That's just awesome.
  4. Edit: I realised I had to add the folder on the windows machine first, then go to the android app and add the folder there, and it would sync, it sounds weird but anyway, I solved it. Works like a charm now! Sorry for the unnecessary thread. Hello, I'm having some issues with my Bittorrent sync, I'll do my best to explain: So, I have a PC with Windows 10 installed running Sync, and an Android 5.0.2 device, also running sync. The problem is that when I delete a file on one device, it's not being deleted on the other device. In other words it is only deleted on the device I originally deleted it from. This is the settings I use for the folder in question: Are these correct, if I want a file to be deleted on both ends when I delete it on one end, or am I missing something? Thanks. Oh I just solved it, either I'm stupid, or the instructions weren't clear enough