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  1. Thanks for your reply Helen, For the new key, I used the 'create new key' option on the remote peer. I then copied this and tried to enter on my local laptop - which is when I got the error. If it;s fixed in v2 - then guess my best option is just to upgrade... will have a go doing that. Cheers, Alex
  2. I have BtSync (v1.4.111) running on my laptop and connected to various other machines for syncing data. All was working fine until quite recently (a few weeks ago) and now the syncing has stopped with some of the peers. My (Android) phone is syncing fine, but with 3 other remote peers (virtual servers), it's not syncing. On my local laptop (through the webbased GUI), I can see the status with the green tick mark against these folders, however on the remote peers (also using v1.4.111), the status is shown as 'no peers'. This was all working fine for several months, it's only recently that i