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  1. The problem happened again on other computer - now under Windows 10 I used btsync there and found that it didn't updated yet from version 2.0. I uninstalled it and installed fresh version (2.2.2), but install failed with the same symptoms like i described in the first message. So now when btsync run under user account it always asks me admin password. What i do wrong? I have another computer where btsync didn't updated yet too, and i do not know now how to update it now. Is there a workaround how to update btsync if you work under user account? Thank you Serge
  2. Thank you for good news. Any solution for now? Any key in registry to edit/clear? I have feeling that it read some value/path stored some time ago and does wrong because it.
  3. I never asked about install path. So didn't selected C:\Program Files\BitTorrent Sync as installation path. I know now that system installs in %appdata%/BitTorrent Sync I wrote about it in my detail description. It's my own computer, i didn't set any special restrictions. I use standard windows user account for work cases and standard administrator account for admin cases. The problem seems like install cross wires between user and admin account %appdata%/BitTorrent Sync folders and registry.
  4. Hello I have problem with installing btsync under user account (not admin) on Windows 7. Short description. Install under user account fail without any message (just disappears), The install result Installer added files to user %AppData%\BitTorrent Sync folderNo shortcut added to user desktopThe desktop shortcut added on admin account desktopThe desktop shortcut in admin account desktop point to user %AppData%\BitTorrent Sync folder, which seems strangeUninstall item in CP added in admin account, but not in user account under which setup runEvery time when run btsync.exe from user %AppData%\BitTorrent Sync folder it asks for admin passwordThere is no Revision key added in registry under user accountHistory: On spring i setup the btsync under user account. During setup i occasionally press Esc when it asked for admin password. It setup any way (just asked me admin password when added firewall exception). In some time system updated and started to ask me admin password every time i run btsync. I played several time with setup/uninstall, and in some way it started to work. Next version update time the behaviour repeated. (v. 2.1.4) I decided to examine it and searched slution in internet. I found topics about similar simmptoms and advises about removing %AppData%/Bittorrent Sync folder and about registry Revision key. After some unsuccessfull playing, i decided to delete %AppData%/Bittorrent Sync folders on both accounts (admin and user) and delete all registry keys that relate to btsync in both admin and user account. I didn't help. I installed successfull btsync under admin account, but still can't install under user account Version 2.2.0 Update. I uninstalled old btsync from admin account (with delete settigns option) and delete folders in AppData. The i install 2.2.0. on user account. At first time it installed ok, But i found that in the btsync settings it has admin folder path as a default path. I uninstalled it (with remove settings option), delete folders and install again. This attempt was not successful and i can't install it again with the same symptoms.