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  1. Also having a problem which looks like this. Random "disconnected by the owner".
  2. Never mind. Paid 50 dollars for an indian guy to recover. It turns out a third party support sometimes is handy.
  3. I must agree with you. But you must also agree that your clients deserve (way) more respect regarding to "known issues" serious like this. Until now there have been no official email about it and *no* notes on the website (www.getsync.com) - forum messages does not count. <mod snip> I've been waiting for an answer for more than 24 hours now. Still waiting.
  4. I need to chat with a technical support representative. Sync is still running 2.3.3 as a service, even though I installed 2.3.4 on top of it. You must help me extract my identity.
  5. Known by whom? I'm a Pro user and was not informed about this "known" issue. What is going on with this company? Are you nuts?
  6. It deleted my identitity and folders. Ok I activated support as I'm a paying customer.
  7. Now it began to work Thanks (it was for 32 and 64 bits on Windows)
  8. Windows: 2.2.5 (130), Selective Sync OFF Android: 2.2.2 (376) - linked device to Windows, so it has read-write permission, configured with Selective Sync ON All the 5 .pdf files that I add on the Android become a .bts file on Windows, and they never get synced. I have not tried other file extensions. OK, so the procedure is the following: 1) On Android, I put a .pdf file inside the folder (using the file manager, not BitTorrent Sync). 2) A .bts file shows up on Windows but never gets synced. 3) The .pdf appeared on Android Sync as an unsynced file. I click the file and it is waiting to sync. 4) This file IS inside the Android folder, and I can open it using the file manager. 5) This thing happed with 3 files but now I cannot reproduce it with a fourth file. I've just created Request #34133 with Windows logs, and I've sent Android logs as well. Thanks
  9. Hi, I put a file in an advanced folder on Android, and a .bts file showed up on Windows. Selective syncing is enabled in Android and disabled in Windows. On Windows, when I double click on the .bts file, it says "File is already on queue", but never downloads it (note that selective sync was never enabled on Windows). Other than that, synchronization works between these 2 devices *if* I first create the file on Windows (not on Android).
  10. I asked to the support: Hi, does this one-time payment give me future updates forever? Or just for one version? Email #1 from Rexces Paluca: Yes its a lifetime license with Pro support and for all future update version of Sync. Email #2 from Rexces Paluca: This license covers all 2.2-2.x releases only. oh-oh...