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  1. I think, at least is understood from all people. But what the people see regarding activities to solve Bugs and to have regular Updates etc. is another thing.
  2. Depending on the OS on your PC you find a working folder, in which files like *.db and *.db-wal are stored. Stop Resilio and delete such files and start again. Then a new indexing is starting.
  3. Regarding the confusion of the DSM 7 permissions (root/user) during the installation process I got today the follow message from Synology: Start Yes, you may continue using root privilege ONLY if you apply a token from us to bypass the lower privilege setting this time round, without which, your package installation would fail in DSM7.0 Beta. As mentioned in point 2 in my previous email: To avoid future update issues, It is highly recommended that your package can be modified to match our new lower privilege framework. Please develop according to the new develope
  4. If nobody can help, best to contact Support directly:
  5. Doe you use version 2.6.4 from Google platform? Which Smartphone you have and Android version? Are the peers connected in a good condition and environment with good perfomance? Maybe a permission problem.
  6. This kind of support is usual here. Maybe use Syncthing, if nothing runs. But unfortunately there is no ready installation package, maybe look at package center of QNAP, but surely is a old version and you can update to current v1.9.0
  7. I think, is time for update
  8. Iยดm in touch with Synology and got today the follow message about current version of third-party packages would be incompatible: Thanks for your continuing interest in developing with Synology. We are planning for a major version update to DSM7.0 Beta soon. Due to DSM 7.0 having quite a few adjustments to the framework, current version of third-party packages would be incompatible with the new DSM 7.0 version. Hence, we are providing you with a new set of Developer's Guide, Toolkit and relevant resources, so that your future package can be compatible with our upcoming DSM release
  9. In this moment the implementation is in work, maybe it comes with v1.10
  10. If you read the comments in Google for the Smartphone APP, the problems are very similar:
  11. The question is, if you have anything changed in the work load, it means more files, peers etc. Otherwise maybe went back. With v2.7.2 on all my devices I have no problems, but if I follow the threads here it seems v2.7.2 have some bugs.
  12. No, unfortunately not. In the general forum there is always a hint about the development, e.g.: However, the update cycles are quite long (too long! ๐Ÿ˜Ž), so that it is sufficient to check every months, or weeks for the not so patient ๐Ÿ˜‡.
  13. First of all, it has to be said that Syncthing is a tool more for technicians. It surely has some goodies in the GUI, but something like ticking autostart, that's too much of a diva for that. Nevertheless, there is an entire website in the documentation for autostarting on various platforms. It is not true that the GUI of Syncthing is not being optimized, it just has not fundamentally changed. But that is also not the case with Resilio. The difference between BTsync v1.4.111 and Resilio v2.7.2 is visible, but this is also the case between Syncthing v0.10 and v1.8.0. NAS clearly fall
  14. Maybe check the packages here: