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  1. Is not the official date, today on Google Play is 8/2/2021 regarding v2.6.4, is also wrong. It seems any automatic tool to lift the date it seems to be more current. Such tricky things are not okay. If you look in the forum, some people, also me, fighting to have a better response from Resilio, but is difficult. I dont know, if a issue of Corona or such like that. More and more people are in the Syncthing forum, coming from here, thats not a good trend.
  2. There is surely nothing done, since "Current Version" 2.6.4 is from 12/2019, it means approx. 14 month old. I also had this problem and was finally able to solve it by rebuilding Resilio on all devices in terms of profile and database. The profile also because I have a Pro license and duplicated devices were there from unsuccessful attempts, etc. I think things like this also lead to malfunctions. Then it started again.
  3. I don't think that's entirely appropriate. Resilio is very good software. Unfortunately, there are no fresh updates and the problem is that not all bugs can be eliminated. The update cycles should be significantly shorter. Monthly, quarterly, but not yearly or longer. The last update is from July 2020 (!). In addition, as the operating systems progress, there are new points that need to be worked on. With the development of hardware, new platforms arise, some of which are also introduced. In any case, the frustration is increasing and many are now switching to Syncthing, I see that in the
  4. Nobody knows what is going on at Resilio. A lot of threads telling about that this forum is feeling death from Resilio side, e.g. Now it seems, also the support is not working smoothly. Sometimes from Resilio side is heared that the capacities for all are bordered.
  5. Maybe it helps to clean the ACL in the system. I use for owner and group "root" and 0777 for the permissions and reload the OS ACLs after this action. So I make on my Synology servers.
  6. Usually such things are a ACL problem. Maybe it helps to clean the ACL´s in your system. Which system and OS you are using?
  7. In all the cases it seems best to contact support directly. In my opinion from Resilio staff side the forum is died.
  8. As a rule, there is a note in the status column of the affected peer in the GUI. Otherwise, the log may also provide information.
  9. Then it is time to realize that having a busy forum that will secure the future too. Because today's young users are tomorrow's administrators. Microsoft has shown how to do it. Good software is passed on and recommended. And a forum is clearly a very good platform for that. In addition, feedback is given on a broad basis, which is taken into account in the development of the software, which makes it better and better. Well, if users can help other users, that's okay. However, if special help is required or even a bug occurs, and there are several of them, then the forum is no longer wort
  10. Maybe is a bug. I think you test that during your set up and have logs and so one. For me it seems is the best to contact support directly, since in the forum seems no staff of Resilio is present.
  11. It would be good to have some defined tests to see if the result is as expected.