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  1. As a supporter of Resilio, I would like to turn to you for a better understanding. I've already heard that you must all use your time efficiently. Nevertheless, I would like to understand why nobody or hardly anyone from the staff apparently works in the forum. It is clear that there is also considerable potential in this to advance the Synctool. This would also include fixed update cycles, it doesn't have to be the big technical leaps from update to update. Etc., etc. Further, If there are problems, the users want solutions and if the impression arises that they are saying it here a
  2. I've already done this with Syncthing and recently with Resilio. First create a group and a user in the DSM that only affect this Docker installation. Connect the user to the group and give the group the related permissions in the folders, you want to include below. Go to the /etc/group /etc/passwd and read out the PUID and PGID for this, each with a 4 or 5-digit number after the assigned name. Then download the latest image from resilio / sync: latest and start the image. For the parameters deposit as follows: Section Environment entrance PUID <-> xxxx and PGI
  3. Using Resilio for Docker with the current filesystem environment is not a problem. The issue is if Docker is supported of the related Synology and the performance is not so good as in a native installation. So, I hope the same.
  4. Further, the Android APP of the above link I can´t install it and at Google the latest version is v2.6.4 from 18.8.2020 (?)
  5. It's once more like death in the forum from Resilio side. Problems that are set here can only be partially answered. Nobody knows whether Resilio is working on it. And the last update to v2.7.2 was in July 2020. That doesn't make a good impression. There has been no feedback whatsoever with regard to DSM 7. DSM 7 means a major cut in the rights system and various other directories. If Resilio misses this change, it will be very bad for users with Synology Server. Synology is very popular and more and more Resilio users are joining Syncthing, I get that in the forum there. We will see
  6. Update to v2.7.2 is Posted July 21, 2020. Whats about coming updates and maybe regular updatecycles?
  7. I dont know If it make a difference, since I use since years as service. Maybe that help.
  8. You have installed Resilio as service or normal? Doe you check all permissions and made a reboot?
  9. That's the only thing that can be changed. The end of the path remains internally as a reference and must be adapted separately on each device.
  10. Is easy to use selectve sync, but is a PRO feature. The alternative would a preparde Ignorelist to block the related folders or files.
  11. If you use version 2.7.x you can rename the peer name in the GUI in the right click setting menu.
  12. Take a look around in that forum to see who is involved from the Resilio staff. In principle, the forum is supported by the members and they often have no solution because no Resilio staff play along, or far too rarely. That's a big problem. I recommend you to have a look in the Syncthing forum, it is much more dynamic, because Syncthing staff also work intensively on problems. The result is that their software is at least as good now and that more and more Resilio users are migrating to Syncthing even though they have a license. It's sad how Resilio deals with the community, w
  13. Mainly there are Pro features such as Local folder sync Selective sync Encrypted folders (but I´m not fully sure) Scheduler The first two of the points you can solve with tricky things, the last two are not so easy. If you dont use any of that points, is no problem to switch, in the main the tools are the same. Its the thinking about, in which way is the handling of the tools. The main difference between is, Resilio is a Peer related tool and Syncthing is a Device related tool Thats it. I find Syncthing is also more for technicians, because GUI and a
  14. And a guide to that all for developers regarding DSM 7-Beta: 😎
  15. And a guide to that all for developers regarding DSM 7-Beta: 😎
  16. Yesterday the DSM 7 Beta has released and during the update a mark arise:
  17. Yesterday the DSM 7 Beta has released and during the update a mark arise:
  18. Is not so easy and that issue is not new No comment about and if I have a look to the update cycles, it seems we need patience .... 🤭
  19. First of all, since I have not used Resilio before, now and in the future in that environment, it is superfluous and I therefore do not violate any license terms. I am describing a limitation here, which seems important for me. What I take as a joke is that the support here is not reporting because of this licensing history. Topic posted by me for discussion on June 5th, 2020, my request on June 30th, 2020, with a comment on November 11th, 2020 I will receive encouragement. And now on December 8th, 2020 you will come back to it as a member. You mean you know the answer, why Resilio suppor
  20. Maybe use the documentation Finally is the best to test it in a special folder. For me seems to have the values *. ????????. ????????
  21. Setting up multiple instances is definitely possible somehow. But I imagine this to be difficult, since of course all references have to be adjusted manually and accordingly. I think an adapted administration is better. Resilio is a client tool and not a user tool. If Resilio is installed on a server, it is a server tool and has to be looked after by an admin like all other tools on it. I don't know of any such or similar tool that has user control and thus user accounts that allow individual settings. The issue of performance is also important to consider, because not only does ever
  22. That Resilio work properly, it needs Internet connection and auto UPnP by the Router or manually fixed and open Ports. Also all the Firewalls and Antivirus need to check etc. etc.
  23. However, this means that more and more users are joining Syncthing. You can see that in the Syncthing forum. I keep reading "I've been using Resilio so far and ..." or something like that. Is that supposed to be the goal?
  24. It is better to officially write to Resilio about this. The people from Resilio hardly move in this forum, at least you don't notice anything.