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  1. Maybe the support tell us uncommented CLI syntaxes.
  2. What the meaning of DHT? Maybe is needed in the modern China, in which sometimes the thing restricted anyway.
  3. Installation as service or starting as admin or in a compatible mode.
  4. Resilio seems to have no CLI. The best case is, to disconnect and reconnect the affected peers.
  5. I recommend testing Syncthing well because there are a few things to consider as well. I mainly use 3 Synology servers, 5 Windows clients, 3 Smartphones with Resilio. I haven't had any data loss so far, but there are inconsistencies, some of which are mentioned here. Because of this, I have now also installed Syncthing in parallel on all devices and with appropriate ignorelists there are overlaps in the same directories possible. In comparison, Resilio is the reference for me, although Syncthing is catching up and running just as well. Because the Resilio APP does not start reliably on sm
  6. Doe you have connection to the internet with your servers?
  7. @odelrio, I agree with you. I have already commented on such things. Since I have been using Resilio on all my Synology servers for a long time, it is for me simply a very good software with a lot of potential. And since I have the same opinion here, I have been using syncthing in parallel for a long time. Well, not only because of that, but first as a test, then productively. In comparison, it doesn't have Resilio's performance. But Syncthing's support is a bit more active than this, but there are bugs and problems as well, which are fixed. In my opinion Syncthing has now reached Re
  8. The question would be whether something has changed in the infrastructure or Router. Resilio needs open 5-digit ports to work. If, for example, these ports were closed, or automatic UPnP does not work or something like that, no connection can be established via the relay server.
  9. Hopefully you didn't mean that seriously all. Resilio Sync is great software, no question about it, but there have been a few bugs in the past few weeks, haven't they? I mean, we are not here to criticize, we all want to support and also to take you further. As of version 2.0.0, there have always been updates. If updates are made now, it shows interest in the users who go through every fire with you because they all highly value your software. Easy to understand, or not?
  10. The approach that Resilio might not work properly for performance reasons is not factually wrong. But in this case, I don't think it's right. My Synology DS412 + is weaker than the other two, which are stronger. Still, the phenomenon is that the two stronger servers is affected. But there is another aspect. The three incomplete folders are related. I have a main folder 1 (shared folder), in which there is a subfolder 2 and below that a subfolder 3. For various reasons, I have to synchronize folders 1, 2, 3 in separate peers. It is clear that when changes are made in folder 3, peer 2 and p
  11. Unfortunately, I also have such folders. I have 3 Synology servers (DS1815 +, 415+, 412+), 3 Windows computers, 2 smartphones, on which Resilio is installed. It happens again and again that not all data is synchronized, especially between the Synology servers. I was able to fix this time and again by optimizing the permissions for groups and owners on the servers in the affected directories. But for some time now I have 3 directories that are complet for 99%, 98%, 99% and so apparently are not completely synced. Any files in the peer list that are pending syncing will not be synced becaus
  12. Same problem on Samsung NoteEdge and Note 8. After starting the APP the peers are conntected and sync is running, after closing the whole screen of Smartphone and reopening it, for a reconnection of peers a closing and reopening of APP is needed. Sometimes is frozen, so a restarting of Smartphone is needed. All this effects I have on both types.
  13. Progress seems good in the last days, version 2.6.4 is online, first with build 1343, today build 1344. I am thrilled with this software because it basically works best. I have re-installed my Resilio installation with Syncthing in the past few days. It works, but it's just different. Not so round. It still has a couple of little snags where you have to trick something, etc., so Resilio is just a little better. No wonder we are all convinced followers. In any case, I have left it at Resilio and only use Syncthing for very special tasks.
  14. That is clear now after open this thread. The point is, that up to now the users understand the term "Pause" in this way, that all stops, otherwise it must call "Pause Download" or any specific like that, so the understanding is, only the downloading stopps. That is something different. And as you can see, this can cause damage.
  15. Thats call "Pause"??? Only downloading is stopped or paused. This is a good example for a strongly needed update to v2.6.4. For me "Pause" is to stop all activities around the main tasks of a peer.
  16. With updates I´m expecting optimized software. Every day I read something about issues are depending on bugs and others, are normal in software packages. Today I read about the "Pause" issue, is in reality no "Pause" and could be horrible. If that is a bug, for me is it, this could be solved in the next update.
  17. With updates I´m expecting optimized software. Every day I read something about issues are depending on bugs and others, are normal in software packages. Today I read about the "Pause" issue, is in reality no "Pause" and could be horrible. If that is a bug, for me is it, this could be solved in the next update.
  18. Does anybody know anything about updates to v2.6.x or v2.7.x or similar?
  19. Does anybody know anything about updates to v2.6.x or v2.7.x or similar?
  20. I didn't know that either, so it also could have happened to me. Pause is Pause, nothing should move when indexing is running, that's enough.
  21. Regular you have a connection problem, because such files are temporary files during synchronisation. If the connection brakes is possible that a peer also brake until reconnection. If I have this in the past I delete that all.
  22. I do that at every suitable opportunity, e.g. in any forums, e.g. since it is my belief that Resilio is a class of software. By comparison, Syncthing had a lot of trouble just as well until recently. Meanwhile I see there only small differences in the operation and handling. But from the process security these are now equivalent. I think the main problem here is more in support than the feeling that you are in good hands. The software may have quirks, the user usually pull in their rectification without further notice, if you have the feeling that a
  23. Alex, you are a employee of Resilio. What is going on with Resilio connect and to have some experience of it to Resilio Sync? What happen with v2.6.x or v2.7?
  24. It seems there is a mass reset of the permissions needed. I doe such also from time to time.
  25. I do not know what kind of marketing Resilio has, but that would be the wrong way. Resilio is one of the best, which is beyond any doubt for me. But something like that is reflected in a forum. If that is not the case and bugs are included and perhaps even repeated, that's the real thing that takes users away from software. Retaining support is counterproductive, no matter how good or bad software is. If support actively cares about its users, they feel that everything around the software seems important. Then they are even more willing to participate in grosser mistakes.