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  1. Well I didn't find any bumping rules about this, but is this entire program abandoned? This sub-forum rarely gets new posts, and still this topic has gotten 8K views with not a single reply from a developer to say neither "We'll look into it" nor "No". I simply want the developers to pay attention to their own forum so that I, as one of the few people who actually requested something, can know wether I need to find another program or if this will be implemented. Thanks for you time.
  2. Hello, to maximize my sync ability of a project folder I have it on my usb at all times, however, since there are times I do not have access to it, I also have it to sync to devices (such as my phone) from my usb as a base. The problem come when I plug in my usb in another computer than my main one, change a file on my phone, and expect it to change on the usb, this doesn't do anything, the only way I can make this work is to reset the folder's owership and this is not optimal to be done every single time I switch computers. tl;dr Allow more than one device to sync a specific folder without have to reset folder's ownership every time.