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  1. We have been using Sync and Sync Pro on several machines, and use this to distribute copies of our main shared files. We have a qnap nas that takes about 3-5 mins to show the complete UI, and working on any listing is painfully slow in terms of UI response. I thought this was restricted to NAS issues with only 2gb memory on board, but recently we added a 32gb memory modern server with a 'sync' account in my private cloud, and the UI is just as bad. Admittedly we have about 5 folders that are rather large (30gb) and have many sub folders, but to see the UI become unresponsive for about 4 seconds, then recover only to be very slow at responding makes maintenance almost impossible. Is this a memory management problem in the UI? Are there any tweaks I could use to improve responsiveness? Can Sync be run effectively as a 'service'? Would this be better performance-wise? This spoils an otherwise brilliant product for me.
  2. I have a Windows 2012 server with BT sync installed. I am noticing that the interface is very slow to respond, so slow that Task manager is frequently reporting 'Not Responding' for about 1 second, then 10 seconds ok, then 'Not responding' etc etc. It is very painful to do anything as a single 'click' on an item can take 30-60 seconds or more to respond, making it a joke to do any management. Please help!! The server has 16gb memory and this sync version is 2.0 I have several QNAP Nas devices with a similar problem although not quite so extreme.... Is there any way we can manage BT Sync outside the UI, or find some way of speeding up the interface. Other programs on the same machine are fine performance-wise! Any help would be appreciated.