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  1. @RomanZ Ok, that seems like it would solve it. Still think it would be nice to have an uninstaller, which also deletes the data in Application Support. In many cases there might be a problem, which would be solved by uninstalling and installing again. Not being able to uninstall will need extra support to inform people of how to remove extensions and application support data manually, which is in a hidden folder. Sure, a lot of people that will be using BitTorrent Sync will be somewhat tech savvy, but some might not. I think it would be the right thing to do to not leave so much junk in system folders if someone decides to stop using BitTorrent Sync.
  2. @RomanZ I am not using selective sync folders. I am using standard folders and syncing all the contents. I manually downgraded to the non-pro version by deleting the folder in Application Support and when I select "remove" it doesnt delete anything. If I use the Pro version, do exactly the same (ie. share a standard folder) and then select "disconnect" it deletes all the contents of the folder. For now I have reverted back to the non-pro version for that reason. Do you need any more info? I think this is quite a serious bug. If it wasnt for TimeMachine the data in that folder would be lost, as it doesnt go into the Trash can, it just gets deleted.
  3. I am trying to uninstall BitTorrent Sync. When I drag the BitTorrent file to the trash I get the following error: I have of course clicked Quit on BitTorrent Sync and it closed the app properly. This is a bit of a problem obviously and to be honest I have never had that problem with any other OS X app. I am also of the opinion that any software that writes folders somewhere else should have a proper uninstaller. There is a folder in Library > Application Support which contains journal files, logs, etc. which would just stay there for no reason. Also it seems like it doesn't close all processes when you quit the application. How can I delete BitTorrent Sync (without restarting - this is on a Server that cant be restarted easily)? Please make a proper installer and uninstaller for BTSync. You know its the right thing to do Running OS X 10.10.5 and BitTorrent Sync 2.2.1 Thanks, Armin.
  4. I am just testing out BTSync 2.2.1 and have come across something very strange. On one computer I have 2.2.1 and running the PRO 30-day trial on another I am just running normal Sync 2.2.1 If I share a folder between the 2 computers using just a standard read&write folder everything works fine and is synched. When I want to remove the syncing I right-click in Sync Pro and it says disconnect at the bottom (whereas it says remove in the non-pro version). Once I hit disconnect, all the contents of the folder are deleted. When I hit remove in the non-pro version all the folder contents stay there as I would expect. If I share a folder from non-pro to pro as a read&write standard folder, then remove on non-pro and then disconnect on the pro side, the contents dont get deleted. Why would it delete all the files and folders? Why doesn't it do that in the non-pro version? This surely cant be a feature, but must be a bug. Any solution to this? Alternatively how can I downgrade back to non-pro without waiting for 30 days? Thanks, Armin.
  5. I was ready to fully embrace BitTorrent Sync (2.2), but have come across permission errors. Folders that are server shares are not able to be synced, even if they are physically attached to the computer and not shared via network. It complains that it doesnt have write permissions, which is understandable, as read&write permissions are only set to group and using ACLs (Access Control Lists). BTSync could very easily be able to write to those folders, by authorizing itself to do so by entering the user/admin password in OS X. That is how all other software gets to write to places which need higher permissions like system folders. If BTSync does not have hightened permissions than its useless in an environment where permissions are set properly. That would be a real shame and I dont see any reason why it shouldn't. ANY other software has permissions to write to those folders, so why would BTSync not be able to have permissions? Thanks for considering, Armin.