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  1. @RoninSix it's been a long time and my memory may well fail me. The DevonThink devs are as adamant as ever that this is bound to cause problems. The question has likely become moot, anyhow, because the new sync mechanism built into the app is fast, reliable, and flexible. Versioning is not supported, however, neither is Resilio. I would strongly advise you not to store your DevonThink databases in a Resilio-synced folder unless you are prepared to experiment and the data involved is expendable.
  2. I am bumping this thread after a long hiatus, for which I apologize. I have been far too busy to debug this as @RomanZ suggested, and gave up on BitTorrent Sync for this particular package file, which is crucial to my work. But a couple of days ago, I had a moment of epiphany. First, I added the following lines at the top of StreamsList: **org.openmetainfo.*com.dropbox.*kMDI* The first of these lines alone should suffice but better safe than sorry. The point of this is to enable syncing of all extended attributes. Second, I revisited my IgnoreList. And indeed it seems that one of the problematic files was being excluded. Following these two steps, there was only one lingering problem left, a particular Markdown file within the package with a very long filename containing special characters. I renamed this file to something simpler, and following that everything has been working well. I'll give this a few more days and will report back if I encounter problems. @RomanZ, may I ask, are there any side-effects in syncing all metadata? And are there any filename restrictions in BitTorrent Sync? Thanks.
  3. I have been trying to transfer my DevonThink database from one machine to another using BitTorrent sync. To be sure, I am not trying to "sync" the database between the two machines. Rather, with the app itself closed on both machine, I want to transfer the fresher one to the machine that has an obsolete version. Once the transfer is complete, the plan goes, I can open the database on the destination machine, while closing it on the source machine. The trouble is that the database is rarely if ever synced correctly. This is admittedly a large "file" (>2GB) and it is a "package file", which is basically a folder structure in OSX with a bunch of metadata attached. The problem is that BitTorrent sync transfers this large file-folder incorrectly. There is almost always a missing markdown file or something missing. Perhaps BitTorrent Sync rushes to trigger the sync, beginning to upload revisions before all the changes inside this humungous folder-file have been committed? Any thoughts? This reminds me of another older post on this forum (at, where the user had troubles syncing iWork files (which are also package files) via BitTorrent.
  4. So how can I update the name of the folder from the My Devices mesh? And why is it not a bug if it behaves both counterintuitively and differently compared to the Desktop client, where the renames "stick"? Thanks.
  5. @RomanZ, I am running the premium non-subscription version, for which I bought a license three days ago. I have hidden the devices, but there are two lingering issues with this process: 1. As far as I know, hiding devices is impossible on the iOS app. 2. The hidden devices no longer appear in "My Devices" but still do appear in the denominator of the "X of Y peers online" message. In my case, Y=6 although, with two devices hidden, it should be Y=4. Following a suggestion on this forum, I deleted the two corresponding folders in ~/Application Support/BitTorrentSync/ but only one of two devices was effectively removed. Thanks.
  6. Two iOS devices that I had linked to my BitTorrent Sync ID recently died before I was able to unlink them. How can I unlink them at this stage? Any hidden files/folders (e.g. plists?) that I could tweak? Thanks.
  7. I am having trouble making a folder rename "stick" on iOS. I tap on the "information" button, then rename the folder, but after disconnecting it from the client the folder name, as it appears in the client, reverts to the original one. Curiously, this bug occurs on my iPad Air but not on my iPhone 5S, both running iOS9. Thanks for taking a look.