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  1. This would be really cool as you could just hand someone a wireless portable hard drive with Resilio Sync already setup with the key. Hand it to your friend and just tell him to connect the drive to his network, and the drive will auto populate. Kind of like the "paquete" system in Cuba, except there (because of poor internet speeds) you would have Resilio on a local network instead of the informal sneakernet of beauty parlors / cell phone shops
  2. I've added the folder via the link method, I just don't understand the point of being able to copy the key if you can't do anything with it?
  3. I'm looking at my vps running btsync, added a folder in btsync gui and now I've copied the key. How do I share that key with a btsync folder on my desktop machine? This seems totally opaque compared to 1.4 when we could simply paste in the key.
  4. Can you tell me where btsync.conf is located when using your installer? I chose the default /mnt as the data directory during install and knew I'd made a mistake, confirmed when btsync complained when I changed the default data directory to something under the user account. edit: found the config in /etc/btsync-user and I followed https://github.com/tuxpoldo/btsync-deb/issues/182 to get rid of the /mnt line. So now I can navigate to the user folder I want, but it now seems I can't access any of that user's folders. Should I re-install this under that user account? I chose btsync as the u
  5. When I go to get a key from a folder, what determines if it only has a "read only" key showing versus a "read / write" key also available? I have one folder that only shows "read only" across all 3 machines ... how do I rectify that?This is confusing since I just upgraded to 2.0. In 1.4, I remember both key versions being there for all folders, so I'm not understanding the logic of the current setup. Edit: solved the 3 read-only folders problem by re-adding the folder. I'm assuming these folder issues can crop up when upgrading from 1.4 -> version 2?
  6. +1 I'm stuck on Bittorrent Sync 1.4.111 until I can see a clear upgrade path for my headless debian server.