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  1. so did a full uninstall, remote the files from the AppData dir. Rebooted machine. installer opening, clicked install. Started to open the client then immediately closed. and when i click the desktop icon says "application cannot be found".
  2. also i have uninstalled my antivirus, checked for any infection with hijack this and several other programs.
  3. I have been running BitSync 2.2.2 for several weeks now with no issue at all. I have a windows 7 machine. Today when i came into work, i hovered my mouse over the system tray icon, and it dissipated right as the mouse floated over it. I then tried to open the application from the desktop icon and it said that the program had been moved or deleted. So i re downloaded the install. when i double click that to install nothing happens. Once it popped up to install. and then bitsync opened, but immediately closed again. I have rebooted my machine. I have no installed any software between it working and now. I have only setup a remote desktop connection to another computer. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?? My other 4 machines are still running it just fine (there all windows 8.1) any help would be awesome. -chris so with the 64 bit install, i can get it to open. click install (it just goes away, no confermation install is complete) the application begins to open, then closes right away.
  4. I see. That makes perfect sense. So my question now is Should i be using one identity on all machines, or is sharing the "read write" key just fine to all my machines i want to sync? thanks again for the info! absolutely loving everything about this software so far. Amazing!!!
  5. Hello, I am setting up BitSync to have 3 pc's have a mirrored dir on all machines. I have 2 user machines and 1 server. I setup the share from user 1 to sync to server. my questions is, Should i have the server share to user 2 or have user 1 also share to user user 2? or does it even matter? seems that since user 1 is pushing to server, it would be bad to have server push to user 2. hope this isnt too confusing. thank for any help.