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  1. without Kaspersky the context menu or right click menu on a network share takes 45 seconds to load, it will say not responding for most of that time. With resilio sync disabled the context menu loads in a few seconds.
  2. I'm only able to reproduce the problem on my main desktop. I could not do the same on my laptop or other computers, one major differences is my main desktop only has kaspersky AV + Malwarebytes and not kaspersky internet security like the rest.
  3. This is still an active problem on windows 10. Disabling the context menu for Resilio Sync seems to be the only way to fix this for now.
  4. In my setup is I have a server generating files and a server reading the files transferred over by btsync. Sometime the processing server starts reading files that are incomplete because btsync sometime does a in place file sync. How can I force btsync to avoid syncing files in place? I would like btsync to stage all files in the .sync directory until the file has been completely downloaded.