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  1. Hi, Long time user, first time poster. Please be kind! I have a Seagate PersonalCloud STCR400101 that I had been manually backing up to, as well as using btsync 1.4. Just discovered that I can run btsync 2.1 from it:yay! I linked the device (pro), got the option to connect my folder, and pointed it to /shares/mabehr/btsync. It gave me a warning that the directory was not empty, I clicked okay, and it seemed to work just fine. Then I needed to reboot the NAS. Now it has created a folder /shares/mabehr/btsync (1) and appears to be trying to create *another* copy of the data. I've shut down btsync on the device in the meantime. Can anyone help me figure out what's going on, and to get rid of this extraneous folder? Thanks!