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  1. I need a help, i really desperate right a moment because i made a mistake erroneously. I had a folder in my Sync in Windows platform , and wanted to share it with my tablet. so i clicked on share via email and then a link was sent to my email. I don't know why but i didn't pay attention and clicked 'remove' and then ticked 'delete files from this device'. From my tablet, I entered my email and clicked the shared link and then the folder was added to Sync but in 'pending' status, i guess because it didn't recognize the computer peer because the folder wouldn't exist! The last time this folder was synced with Sync was a long time ago. So the old folder was already deleted so far ago. This folder is very important to me. Is there any chance to recover it, if i have the address of the shared link in my email( this link is valid for 3 days). Please, help!