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  1. Why was this situation never resolved in Resilio Sync? I have the Pro version, but I stopped using it on my Synology NAS after struggling a lot with preventing hibernation. This is a situation that has been going on for years and I don't understand how it may not have been resolved yet! A NAS is an obvious place to use Sync and hibernation is also an obvious and necessary feature. I went back to researching this, to see if I would finally install Sync on my NAS again, because I like it a lot, it's the best file sync app I've ever used, but without this problem resolved, it's har
  2. How did you installed version 2.2? I'm trying to install on DS214play. On Package Center is available version 2.0.93-1. If I install manualy package 2.2.1 downloaded from BTSync site, I get a message that the package doesn't contains a digital signature. I will realy need to configure everything again to migrate to version 2.2.1??? There isn't any way to migrate configuration? I will need to reconnect all my devices? That seems very hard to upgrade!