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  1. You can create a unit file for btsync (probably should be done automatically by the deb package). Create the file: /etc/systemd/system/btsync.service Containing: [Unit] Description=Bittorent Sync service After=network.target [Service] Type=forking User=btsync Group=btsync ExecStart=/usr/bin/btsync Restart=on-abort [Install] WantedBy=multi-user.target Once that file is in place enabling the service should work sudo systemctl enable btsync
  2. I understand why this feature is not available on Linux at the moment and agree with above commenters that a "whitelist" or even "blacklist" configuration file for selective sync doesn't seem prohibitively complex in the future. I would also reiterate other posters feelings of annoyance that this limitation was not prominently displayed (is it displayed anywhere? I didn't know prior to finding this thread). I spent valuable time troubleshooting what I thought was an issue with my WebUI (turns out it's a limitation). I understand limitations and appreciate your efforts but communication shoul