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  1. Afternoon all, Apologies as this may have been covered already but I've not had much luck finding a definitive answer. I am wanting to implement a shared NAS in our office to replace Dropbox which (running over a 2Mbps DSL) is just too slow. We have around 5 members of staff and we all access the same files/folders. Admittedly this isn't very often at the same time, but we have around 15GB worth of company data that is accessible to all involved. Most of this is customer documentation. I like the local files on the PC's which is what has pointed me to Bittorrent sync. There are a couple of static desktop PC's here but 3 or 4 people use laptops, and occasionally work from home in the evenings / weekends. We therefore need to have external access to these files but as I said before the DSL here is so slow that accessing a NAS externally would be pretty horrific, hence the need for a local copy on the PC's. Maybe with the option to sync externally as well for the odd file that gets edited out of the office. I've read that Bittorrent can do this but from what I can tell it is centred mostly around syncing individual files with a NAS, rather than a large shared directory. Is what I'm planning on doing feasible? If so what would I need in terms of Bit Torrent licences and also what NAS is the best option? I've used the Netgear readynas range before so would prefer to use that again if possible but I'm happy to go with something else. Any help / advice greatly appreciated. Cheers Ben