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  1. Hello, I've been using BT Sync since 1.4, I like the concept and what it does, the only issues I'm having are its performance. (I'm using Win 7 and BT Sync 2.2.2 on both machines I'm syncing btw). Start-up & Indexing 1. I have a directory of around 23 Gb, 665,000 files. On initial start of BT sync, the indexing process takes a looong time to initialize before any changed files are identified an transferred. Is this a normal consequence of having a lot of small files? The directory is growing larger so this problem is only going to get worse. Are there any proposed changes on the horizon which aim to improve this? 2. The initial "Loading" on start-up takes a long time. 3. The peer list info is confusing during indexing, it says that all 665K files are to be sent (corrects itself once indexing is complete). LAN transfer 4. I am only syncing across machines on my local network, yet my transfer speed is pretty poor. Sometimes only a few kb. Often it is a lot of small files but still, I'd expected slightly better. I have done the following already:Enabled "Search LAN"Enabled "Use Predefined Hosts" on the sync folders on both machines and added each other's local IP address and "listening port" numberSet "disk_low_priority" to false in advanced settingsSet "lan_encrypt_data" to false in advanced settingsAny info and tips would be much appreciated. Thanks!