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  1. Hi, I'm not sure whats going on here. I have been setting up my raspberry pi with 2.3.1, but this problem happened on earlier versions too. I'm syncing a folder that has 250+GB of data on my lan between a PC and my RPi. On this version and previous versions I have had the situation where sync says it is syncing and when it finsishes the web ui on the Pi reports it has transferred all the data, but when you look on the drive it has synced the folders themselves but barely any data. I've spent too much time trying to get this to work and its starting to piss me off, this software does not work very well, its unreliable, flaky and tedious. I've gone through several iterations of setup with it now trying to get the same data syncing, on 2 different Rpi. At this point I'm thinking samba and some simple scripts is going to be a lot better that this.
  2. Should I wait for auto-update on already installed clients, or grab the latest desktop and install manually? When is the auto update due to rollout? Thanks
  3. Thanks, I'll check it out, its exactly the type of thing I need
  4. Thanks for the reply Helen. I just went to the guide you linked to there and tried to re-add the folders to the peer and chose the same location that already exists locally. However instead of getting the confirmation dialog to add anyway, I get a little yellow triangle and the message 'Selected folder is already added to sync' and can't proceed further. Can you advise me on the next step to resolve this problem please?
  5. Hi, Well, I didnt add any more folders. The ones I have in sync are setup on my main pc to be read only on other peers as I just wanted to backup. I've been setting up my RPi as a mirror for the main pc and I also have another pc working as a mirror also. So the folders disappeared from my main pc, but still show up on the mirror pc in the Sync Pro app. On raspberry pi the files are still there, but on the main pc didnt show RPi as one of the peers anymore. Now. I think that the folders disappeared when I upgraded the main pc to 2.2.4. The RPi is on the base install version I think, not looking at it right now. Hope these details help, but this must be bug, right? I just did some checking with my other pc. Even though my main pc client is running and hasn't changed setup and looks to have the same device key, my other pc show it as not online. If I try to manually enter the device key again, it says that I will have to delete the folder on the other PC, because its a different certificate. So what its telling me is that If I do that I will have to erase the folders from the other pc, re link my main pc device, then re-sync all 250GB of files again? I really hope not. Also, amusingly(not) my main pc says there are (0 of 1) peers online and when I click it it list that peer as the very machine I am working on right now.
  6. ok, thanks moe, thats good to know. But why has it lost the setup of those folders in the first place? not very good is it.
  7. Hi, I just started up one of my peers (raspberry pi) that I had previously setup as a linked device and has folders shared with it. then I went to my pc which set up the folders in the first place to be shared and in the client no folders are listed! I havent removed any or changed any, or moved location or anything like that. The folders are still there on my machine. Yesterday they were fine, today they seem to be lost from sync. Has anyone seen this before?, know how to remedy it? the folders still have thier .sync folder in them. I dont want to try re-adding them again incase it forces a complete re-sync of all the data, which is ~250GB, so rather wouldnt. Thanks for any help