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  1. On the read only computer within the preferences of your shared folder - make sure "Overwrite any changed files" is checked. If the read only computer changes any files - Sync will automatically re-download the file overwriting what was changed. The only thing Sync will not do is delete a file that is created on the read only computer. The file will not sync to any other computer but Sync will not remove it automatically from the read only share.
  2. I have the same problem - have to restart almost everyday to get resilio working again.
  3. So this happened to me as well. I have a 450 GB folder synced to several computers and half of it just went missing. I was able to restore it all using the archive but it was such a pain - and it coped over multiple version of files that were changed throughout the day. This makes me extremely nervous - I feel like I'm going to have to check my archive everyday to make sure there is nothing in their that shouldn't be.
  4. Sorry for the late reply - I ended up downgrading to 2.5.13 and that fixed the issue. I just tried reinstalling again and still can't change the listening port - I used the sync.conf you sent with no luck. The config I have been using that worked with the previous version was this: { "webui" : { "listen" : "", "login" : "admin", "password" : "1234" }, "listening_port" : 61778, "folder_defaults.use_relay" : false, "folder_defaults.use_tracker" : false, "lan_encrypt_data" : false, "enable_file_system_notifications" :
  5. I installed the latest version of Resilio ( and the listening port changed and I can't change it back. Everytime I change the port in the advanced settings it wont save. If I refresh the browser it changes back to what it was. I tried setting the port in the config file and that also wont work - is there another way to change the listening port?
  6. Upgrading enabled 2 settings I had disabled before installing. It re-enabled "Use relay server when required" and "Use tracker server" on all my folders. I simply disabled them again manually but thought I would let you know. It did this on all my computers.
  7. Just to make sure it wasn't a problem with that one computer I upgrading to 2.5.0 - I upgraded another system on the same network to 2.5.1 and this system is also having the same issues. It can't find any other peers unless the "Use tracker server" is checked. I then downgraded that computer to 2.4.5 and all the peers started working again without using the tracker server.
  8. I only upgraded one computer in my network to 2.5.0 - all the others are on 2.4.5. The predefined hosts were for 2 external systems going over the internet - they also haven't changed. Once I updated the one system to 2.5 it couldn't connect to any computer including the systems on the LAN. All the other computers running 2.4.5 can see each other with exactly the same settings. I never had to setup predefined hosts for computers that are on the same LAN before - shouldn't they just find each other with the "search LAN" option checked off? Right now every system is setup the same w
  9. Just an update to this - I have no peers when it's setup to use only "predefined hosts" and "search LAN". Even if the computers are on the same network they can't find each other. As soon as I turn on "Use Tracker Server" then they can see each other. I'm only having this issue with the one computer that is running 2.5.0 and my android phone after the update.
  10. Having the same issue - upgraded one laptop and it can't connect to any peers.
  11. My problem isn't the way the software reports locked files - I actually really like that. My problem is sometimes after I close the program that is locking the file - it is still showing up locked within Sync. They only way I can get sync to transfer the file that is showing locked is to restart sync. So I know that file is actually unlocked because as soon as I restart sync it starts transferring the file.
  12. I'm also experiencing this issue. Files are showing locked because the file was open (this is fine). The problem is they don't seem to get automatically unlocked unless i restart Resilio Sync.
  13. Iā€™m also experiencing this problem on my systems. I have a Windows 7 and Windows 10 system and they are both running BTSync slower. With 2.2.7 after booting the system up or waking it from being a sleep the system would transfer the files almost immediately with no system lag. With 2.3.1 ā€“ it takes about 10 min after waking the system for it to start transferring the files ā€“ and it uses a lot of CPU. I ended up downgrading to 2.2.7 and the issues went away.