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  1. Hi all, A bit of an edge-case perhaps. I would essentially like for all files to sync from RW to RO, but when an RW deletes, I don't want them deleted on the RO. I assume this isn't possible, but wanted to check in just in case. My use case is that I have torrent downloads synced from my home server (RW/owner) to my laptop (RO)... when I delete the torrent+data on RW, I still want them to remain on my RO laptop if I haven't moved them from the sync folder yet... thanks...
  2. So, updated to 2.2.2 on both machines, problem continues. Sync log on laptop (the originator of the share), shows something interesting - getting a VerifyFileSignature error. Perhaps this is the root of the problem? Any ideas how i might resolve? [2015-10-08 12:27:28] ACL[AA0E]: Failed to VerifyFileSignature - "blahblah - asdfsd\sadfasd - asdf\" state: 1, fetime: 1433372237, time: 1433372237[2015-10-08 12:27:28] ACL[AA0E]: VerifyFileSignature: failed to find valid WriteACLEntry, user: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[2015-10-08 12:27:28] MC[AA0E] [3868]: failed to verify signature of remote file blahblah - asdfsd\sadfasd - asdf\, aborting[2015-10-08 12:27:28] assert failed SyncFolderMergeController.cpp:879[2015-10-08 12:27:28] SF[AA0E] [3868]: State sync finished[2015-10-08 12:27:28] SyncReq[0x09777940][AA0E] [0000]: cancel 0x09777940 - outgoing merge[2015-10-08 12:27:28] SyncReq[0x09777940][AA0E] [0000]: destroing 0x09777940 cbcnt:15 - outgoing merge
  3. Thanks, yeah, all of my shares work fine except for this one... Only issue with the office install is with some weirdness when BTSync keeps asking for admin login upon machine restart... fixed that once, but it's an issue again... doesn't seem to affect function as far as i can tell...
  4. Thanks for the reply, Moe. All are on 2.2.1. Will update to 2.2.3 as soon as I get the attention of my IT guy to get admin login and will report back...
  5. Hi folks, Been using BTSync for a good while now, and while most of my shares are syncing fine, I'm having issues with one of them. I use BTSync to sync files between my desktop and laptop, running BTSync 2.2.1 on Win 7 Enterprise x64. Looking at the log file, the peers are communicating, but something seems to happen when they start to try to send files between each other. I have tried deleting the share on the desktop and re-creating it, but the issue remains. The sync log on the desktop shows a repeating pattern. It processes get_nodes messages, and then decides that it "will send files" in a number of locations. But it never does, and just keeps repeating this pattern. I'm having issues pasting here, so you can see a selection of the log, with sensitive stuff obfuscated, here: Thanks for any help!