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  1. Hello, I had something strange happen sometime in the past 2 days. I have a number of folders sync'd across my laptop and 2 desktops. The problem I've noticed is in the syncing of my "Documents" folder, though I'm not sure if similar problems have occurred elsewhere. I just came back into the office for the first time since March. It had been a while since I logged into my desktops, and the sync'd Documents folders there may have been quite old. I didn't think that would be a problem. My laptop had the most current versions of files, as I had been working on it at home.
  2. Hi all, A bit of an edge-case perhaps. I would essentially like for all files to sync from RW to RO, but when an RW deletes, I don't want them deleted on the RO. I assume this isn't possible, but wanted to check in just in case. My use case is that I have torrent downloads synced from my home server (RW/owner) to my laptop (RO)... when I delete the torrent+data on RW, I still want them to remain on my RO laptop if I haven't moved them from the sync folder yet... thanks...