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  1. okay, using the provided link solved the issue without any need to hack the registry. Not sure where I got the previous link from now ( I just reused the one in my downloads history), but it was obviously not the right one. Thanks for your assistance! br,
  2. Allright so my issue may be a bit different after all: I had BITTorrent-Sync installed, but one day it had just disappeared. I downloaded a new install file ( , but when I try to run it it just fizzles out after a few seconds (two entries ''BITTorrent-Sync.exe *32" show up in task manager for a few seconds, then disappear). All anti-virus disabled. No other clue to what is happening can be found. Win 7 Home Premium SP1, 64 bit, AMD Athlon 7450 Dual-Core, 4gb ram, launching install as admin. I have not experienced this with any other software. Thanks for your assistance.
  3. I have the very same issue. Grateful if any solution can be shared.