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  1. Never mind - Admin please delete thread. It appears I was select standard folder instead of advanced folder. Using advanced folder allowed me to add the folders to sync without issue. I guess it had been a while since I added sub-directory folders so I had forgotten how to do it. Apologies for my unnecessary post.
  2. Not sure if this is a Bitsync 2.2 issue or something I'm doing incorrectly. However, I recently up upgraded to Bitsync 2.2 and purchased a Personal Pro license. For my scenario, I have one main folder that has a number of individual sub-folders. I don't want to sync all the folders under the main folder, only a select number of folders. Prior to the upgrade, I had 5 of the folders syncing between two other devices without issue as I was limited to 10 folder syncs. Now that I can have over 10 folders syncing, I'm attempting to add more of these sub folders but each time I attempt to add