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  1. Thank you Helen!!!! I didn't thought about it! It was the adblock used in the company's pc browsers, now they work like a charm! I wanted to edit the topic title to add "solved" and also other tags that can be useful for other customers, but i can't do it. Cheers!
  2. 125 views, no an answer? Maybe someone of the team can help? We have right now 16 licenses among DS and devices, thinking to converting it in paid licenses if the system works...think we deserve a bit of attention maybe...
  3. This is my first post here, so hello from Italy guys! We have some synology's diskstations installed at the offices of my company, and i used to share the folders beetween them. This worked for 3 DS, now we have bought other 3 (same model), and when i add a folder is impossible to share it, because of the button is missing! Here there is a screenshot: Someone know how to fix it? It would be appreciated! Thanks