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  1. Hello, when I sync files to my tablet or mobile phone, they do not automatically sync. For Example, if i add a song to my music library on my PC, then I must click on "sync" for transfering that file to my phone. Now the idea: There should be an option to pin a folder or file to the mobile, so that new files will be reconized automaticaly. Thanks, jacl
  2. Hello Sync community First of all, i enjoy Sync and it works in nearly all of my devices except my beloved BlackBerry. I cannot unterstand what is keeping you from doing this! The OS running on newer BlackBerry devices is almost 100 % compatible with Android, there are only very few apps which so not work(and i am using lot of Android apps): BitTorrent Sync and some apps from Google(but not all). For you, BlackBerry would be the ideal target: all BlackBerry users buy BlackBerry phones because they want to habe the most secure and most private phones, this is actually the same what you want to archieve! Secondly, porting Sync to BlackBerry would be a very easy task, most parts of the app are working great(syncing, UI, background syncing) but one crucial part is not: connecting to otger devices. Doing a BlackBerry Version of sync wont need to mich time(1 developer will need at maximum a few days). Please think about it, hope to See a BlackBerry version soon Jack