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  1. I have been absolutely delirious when i came upon BitTorrent Sync and reading reviews I've immediately donwloaded it. Once I got the know its functionality it was now time to put it to real "work". Shooting commercial I wanted to keep everyting we shot on set to start syncing to server via FTTH. All worked fine. 1) Now that the footage had been sorted out, labeled, metadata altered etc. and stored to Drobo5D, I sent a read only key to the editor offsite as this particular project gets handled outside the studio. 2) Meanwhile I received a read only key from sound artist to download all sorts to our editing station. To the problem: 1) it was syncing ok for a while, say 3 hours, and after that just nothing. stops syncing, footage is no longer being sent outside?! Also the folder added to my local sync says 170 GB, whereas Mac OS X Finder says the folder is 184 GB in size. Where the discrepancy?! 2) 240 files synced OK except "179" which syncs to 100%, then starts re-syncing?! I am a bit desperate as I actually got to like this program so much i wanted to go PRO and include it in our other businesses in 6 days that the trial is over, but these glitches made me think. What should i do?
  2. I am purchasing Mac Pro for my video work. That means I'll be adding third computer to the home LAN. I wish to have photos and videos synced on mac pro and mac book pro and mac mini server which has drobo 5D attached. What would be the best solution or your advice on how i should set permissions? Create a folder Pictures on mac book pro and Video on Mac Pro and copy read or read&write keys? I wish all three to be in sync but mac mininserver is only as "archive" rather then computer i work on! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I tried restarting and doing it all over again and again and always get this dreadful message: Update Error "An error occurred while extracting the archive. Please try again later." What should i do?!