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  1. Hi Andrew I'd be willing to test for you. I don't have PM permissions, I'm guessing because I only have a couple of posts here. Maybe you're able to PM me?
  2. @RomanZ Yes I accessed my Syno using SSH. I followed all the instructions as per the OP. The BTsync process has stopped running when I go back to check the Syno after I notice that it is no longer syncing.
  3. I think I am having a similar issue.I have BTsync set up on my DS414j and all appears to be working fine. My directories are syncing, etc. The problem is that BTsync stops running (goes offline) on the DS414j after an undefined period. Usually a few hours. It never seems to run for more than 24 hours and usually significantly less. Is anyone else having this problem or know of a solution? DS414j DSM version 5.2-5592 Update 4 BTsync version 2.2.5 (131)