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  1. I was very surprised to discover this feature does not exist. I am on Pro trial at the moment and it seems the application just isn't ready yet. At least not to the point of paying a subscription fee.
  2. So, I have set up sync on my PC and started a PRO trial. Selected a folder that I want to sync. I then installed the Sync app on my android phone and linked this device to my PC. A folder appeared in the folder list on my phone with 'disconnected' status. On the phone's device list I can see the PC as online, but on the PC's device list my phone is 'disconnected'. On the phone, I tap the disconnected folder, select local location and 'add folder'. The folder on the phone now says 'Peers: 1' On the PC's device list my phone is still 'disconnected', but with a green light on the left. On