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  1. Not just Autocad ... There may be other but the files we have noticed are ... Microsoft Office files, Excel, Word ... XLS, DOC, etc...PDF filesTXT filesAutocad Files .... DWG, DXF@iswrong
  2. I guess I should clarify what I mean by "collaborative environment" ... I do not mean that two or more people are working on the exact same file at the exact same time and expecting each contribution to be added to a single file. My specific problem is like this: Two people are working on the same project, each has their own work files. but needs to see, read & get information from the same set of blueprints & other shared files ... not only can I not open the blueprints, I can't even see them. Even in a simple home network setup ... files do not disappear simply because someone opened a file.
  3. This really makes SYNC in a collaborative environment very difficult. When collaborating on a project we all need access to the project information & files at all times. Because they disappear for so long (until the file is closed) we now have to take turns & make phone calls, email ... who has the file open? do you have the file open? Can you close the file? Then we sit and wait for the files to sync ... several minutes. Very annoying! Dropbox doesn't do this. I thought we were breaking away from DropBox but that not the case... Any project requiring more than two people to work together is now sitting back on Dropbox.
  4. I believe a ticket is being created ... I am sending logs from two affected users as well as screenshots. Thanks.
  5. We are a drafting business sharing mostly DWG, PDF & XLS files for the last month with absolutely no problems. I have Pro Business 4 seats --- 3 seats on desktops, 1 seat on a WD-Ex2 NAS. Five days ago these problems start - - Opening a file shows a "locked" error in the SYNC panel (opening 1 files shows as 2 locked files .... opening 3 files shows as 6 locked files, etc...) - The file that is open disappears from my co-workers folder - If my coworker opens a file, it dissapears from my folder - Files re-appear after saving & closing - Syncing seems really slow What do you think could have changed?