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  1. Hi, thanks a lot for your responses. 1) wasn't working in different browser 2) btsync was still running and syncing 3) completely blank (white page, no content) I got it to work again doing this (why this helped I don't know): [1] changed the config file to be writable for root (it was only readable for root) sudo chmod +w /etc/btsync/debconf-default.conf [2] ran the configuration and selected the defaults sudo dpkg-reconfigure btsync now the web gui is back again, and everything works fine thanks guys, btsync is really great!
  2. I have the same issue. I installed btsync 9 days ago on a raspberry pi running raspbian. Everything worked fine until today when the web gui went blank. I installed btsync during the last couple of days on several other machines (2x Android, 2x Windows, 1x Ubuntu), they still work fine.