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  1. Ok so I have a fairly basic problem I want to solve, I want to pause a specific folder when I'm running a specific application on my Mac. I was hoping to create a simple lightweight shell script that I could schedule every 15-30 minutes (the pause / resume does not have to be instant), which checks for the running application, if it see's it and the folder is set to sync then it hits the API and pauses it. Simple, and then does the reverse if it doesn't see the application running and the folder is paused. It's only for personal use, I'm a developer myself so can normally knock together things like this. But I did have a couple of quick questions: 1. First is this API suitable for this and can pause/unpause a folder on my mac? 2. Does the above basic idea sound feasible 3. Will I have to pay to use this API even though it's such a basic requirement and non commercial? Thanks!